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CAH is not a tragedy… A lack of action is
Each June, CYC along with many other organizations, celebrates Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH) Awareness Month and celebrates communities living with CAH. 

CLAN (Caring & Living As Neighbours) and Child & Youth care Zimbabwe (CYC) are so grateful for your support with social media activities during the month of June 2022, in support of #CAHAwarenessMonth and a happy and healthy future for #EVERYchild in the #CAHZimbabwe Community.

The United Nations has committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. SDG 3.4 commits to reducing mortality associated with Non-Communicable Diseases (#NCDs) and other chronic health conditions by 30% by 2030.
In 2022 CAH is still associated with unacceptably high mortality rates in too many countries of the world. For this reason, we believe June 2022 is the perfect time to come together as a #CAHCommunity; raise awareness of the inequities associated with CAH around the world; and advocate for change so that #EVERYchild enjoys affordable access to the essential medicines, equipment and healthcare needed to enjoy the highest quality of life possible.

We thank the international #CAHCommunity and its many passionate supporters for coming together to take action and ensure we #LeaveNoChildBehind in the lead-up to 2030. Together, #WeAreCAH and together, we can #BeatNCDs and achieve #CAHequity.

What’s the good news in Zimbabwe?
In 2021 CLAN heard about our situation for the #CAHCommunity in Zimbabwe. Essential medicines were unaffordable essential, with mortality rates being high.

CLAN reached out to our long-term partners in Pakistan, and through collaborative efforts with the wonderful Sally Mugabe Hospital staff in Harare Zimbabwe, were able to safely deliver a year’s supply of hydrocortisone and fludrocortisone tablets so that #EVERYchild living with CAH in Zimbabwe now has affordable access to the medicines they need.

In 2022 we are excited to partner with CLAN on a range of community development initiatives. Our goal is not just to reduce mortality associated with CAH in Zimbabwe, but to improve the quality of life for #EVERYchild living with CAH in Zimbabwe – and indeed, around the world.

What is the aim of this social media campaign?

CYC and CLAN will be sharing this Social Media Toolkit with our friends, partners, and allies, so that we can all work together during the month of June 2022 as a united #CAHCommunity and contribute to collaborative efforts to:

  • Grow the international #CAHCommunity in strength, number, joy, and confidence
  • Raise awareness of CAH
  • Strengthen international connectedness and understanding
  • Improve access to essential medicines and equipment for people living with CAH in resource-poor settings
  • Promote Community Development efforts for CAH Communities in resource-poor settings
  • Reduce mortality associated with CAH internationally
  • Achieve equitable health outcomes for the international CAH Community

What are the principles informing this Campaign?
This campaign has been informed by a foundational commitment to:

  • Community development and control
  • Cultural safety
  • Benefit* (with a specific focus on those most inequitably impacted)
  • Low-cost, high-impact initiatives
  • Strengthening international CAH Community networks and relationships
  • Inclusive approaches
  • Sustainability and scalability

*Whilst there is a modest fundraising activity attached to this campaign (the overall goal is USD$3,000), this is not the central focus of the campaign. Any and all funds raised during this campaign will be committed to long-term, community development initiatives that will benefit the CAH Community of Zimbabwe.

How can you get involved in #CAHAwarenessMonth?
Throughout the month of June 2022 please help us raise awareness of the inequities experienced by CAH Communities around the world and promote and protect the rights of children living with CAH by promoting online content. Using hashtags allows community development and engagement. Suggested hashtags include:

We also invite you to re-post the content on CLAN and CYC’s socials! 

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