Self Help Projects

Educare Initiative

As an organization we believe that every child deserves an opportunity to attend school and be educated to create the future they envision for themselves.

The Educare Project is a movement facilitated by CYC as a way assisting vulnerable and neglected children with rare diseases who are unable to go to school.  Due to problems pertaining rare diseases most of the families and children are faced with several challenges which include socio-economic problems, unemployment of parents/ caregivers, special education problems and parents who are in correctional services. Poverty is a great barrier to accessing education, some of these children also come from high-risk populations such as those who are also drop outs, pregnant teens, early marriage and abuse victims.

As part of the project both boys and girls from primary and secondary government schools will be offered financial support through payment of tuition fees for a period of one year. These funds also include, stationery and school uniforms. 

To kick start off the Educare Project, we organsised a stationery drive to raise learning materials for vulenerable and negelcted children including those with rare diseases.